Greater Cleveland Triathlon Training Week 2

I’m changing things up a bit – new blog name, new blog design. We’ll see how it works out, but I like the looks of things right now and am happy with the “tone.”

Week 2 of triathlon training was tough. Plagued with rainy weather, I missed one bike ride and had to take my second ride of the week indoors. Hoping this week can include some outdoor riding! My fundraising for Team in Training is going well – I’ve sold some of my larger garage sale items online and received several donations in the mail from friends and family! I’m only about $300 short of my $1500 goal! I’m hosting a charity garage sale this Saturday, May 24th and hope to meet my goal by the time I roll down the garage door Saturday night!

My biggest victories this week came in the pool. I never (and I mean that) believed I could improve in the pool. If you’ve been a loyal reader, you know by now that my self-doubt is omnipresent. In fact, I have probably typed the same words somewhere else in this blog at some point. Why is it that I’ve watched myself become a faster runner, be able to lift heavier weights, develop muscle I didn’t think was possible, but doubt myself in the water? I assume the answer is fear. As a weak swimmer, I’ve erred on the side of believing that I’m a mere second away from drowning in the 8 foot deep pool at the YMCA. False. I created so much drama in my mind about swimming that I forgot that all I needed to do was get in the water and DO IT for Pete’s sake. So that’s my new swimming mantra – DROP THE DRAMA. Get in the damn pool and just do the work. And that philosophy has served me well this week.

Thanks to Tweep @kyle_j_kranz for this fantastic pic, sympathizing with the raccoon circles I end up with after being in the pool!

Screen shot 2014-05-20 at 9.17.31 AM

5/12: Kettlebell Class

5/13: Swim 8 x 100s

5/14: Missed bike workout, took full rest day – and boy did I need it!

5/15: Ran 3.75 miles

5/16: Kettlebell Class AM, Swim 12 x 100s PM – longest distance swimming to date and speediest!

5/17: Brick = Bike 10 miles, Run 2.25

5/18: Run 3.25 miles

Are you struggling with self-doubt? Is there one sport or endeavor that just gets under your skin?