My 2014 Bucket List

Now, I know the date on the calendar is January 19th, and we’re a little late in the year to be listing resolutions.  But, my 2013 bucket list gave me a concrete list of goals and adventures to enjoy and I’m writing another list for 2014.  When I began writing this year’s list, I thought I should set the proverbial bar a little low, what with a nagging IT Band issue and an unknown date that I will begin running again.  Then I found Lesley’s bucket list in my reader and realized that it was time to stop thinking small and time to start dreaming big. I’m 33 years old, by no means an old lady, but I’m beginning to see the world more in terms of the road less traveled. There are things to see, adventures to be had and the time is now.  Some of these adventures are still running related, but those are tentative until I’m officially back on my feet.  So, here we go!

  1. First Olympic distance triathlon in August.  This is the doozy this year, so I’m putting it first. I fear nothing more than a one mile swim in my beloved Lake Erie. But, I’ll have awesome support from Team in Training-look for more posts about my adventures with them soon.

    Seriously.  A whole mile.
    Seriously. A whole mile. In the lake.
  2. PR in the Rite Aid Cleveland Half Marathon.  This is a lofty goal, considering that I’m not running at all right now.  But I’d like to burn my previous course record this May. With the right training, I think this is the year it could happen.
  3. Sing karaoke. True story, I have never done this in public. I think the closest I came was a girlfriend’s bedroom in middle school.  I want to do the real thing.
  4. (Mom, stop reading right now. Close eyes, scroll down, pick up with number 5). Sky dive-preferably with Phil, but I’ll go alone if need be.  Small fear of heights may get in the way, but lately I’m getting better at overcoming those fears.  Plus, it only takes two seconds of bravery to throw myself out of the plane.
  5. Line dancing.  My renewed love of country music has made me long for a great country bar, some cold beer and some good line dancing. I believe my superior skills at wedding classics like the Macarena and Cupid Shuffle make me an excellent line dancing candidate. Heeeeyyy, Macarena!
  6. Race my kayak.  I subbed kayaking for swimming in my last triathlon, but I’d like to do a kayak race by itself this year.  I’m thinking that I’ll have a shot in the spring and summer in the rivers that lead out to Lake Erie. More research is in order.IMG_0864
  7. Hot air balloon ride.  This one actually scares me more than the idea of sky diving.  I think the slow climb in the balloon might be too much, but I’ve always wanted to experience something this whimsical.
  8. Boxing.  I’ve enjoyed kickboxing classes in the past, but I want the real thing.  A local boxing gym has a beginner’s class on Saturdays and I’m going to get there this year. I secretly love boxing-one of my favorite sports to watch.  I want to be in the ring myself.
  9. Camping on the beach. I think my local parks service, Lake Metroparks, offers these opportunities in the summer.  I want to wake up and be able to walk out in to the water.  I think the kiddos would love this too!

    Happy campers!
    Happy campers!
  10. Can something.  This one was on the list last year and I’m bound and determined to make it happen this year.  I’d really like to take our strawberry harvest and turn it in to homemade jelly and can it to use throughout the year.
  11. Take Hannah to her first live concert. I hope to impart my love of live music on to my soon-to-be-12-year-old.  Her upcoming birthday might be my best shot.  Now, if I could only teach her to love New Kids on the Block.
  12. Start with a doozy, end with a doozy.  I’ve put a return to graduate school on hold for the time being.  The cost, combined with the honest fact that I have no idea what I want to go back for, are enough reasons to stay out of college.  But, I’ve decided that I want to get my certification to teach group fitness classes.  My yoga practice and classes at the YMCA have shown me what a benefit a good instructor is and I’d like to be that person for others. I think my teaching background and journey as a late-in-life athlete might help me be a good instructor.  Becoming certified will be step one.

And now, for a request.  I’m notoriously awful at asking for help.  Phil’s famous line for describing me is “I’ll do it myself.” It could be my own tag line. I’m trying to get better at leaning on others and here’s a big step for me-do you think you can help me with any of these goals? Pretty soon I’ll be fundraising for Team in Training and you might be able to help me with a simple monetary contribution. But maybe you have the perfect strawberry jam recipe and experience canning. Perhaps you are a rock star at fundraising. Or maybe you’ve also always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride and have been waiting for someone else to invite you along.  Consider yourself invited.  Or, perhaps you are a certified fitness instructor and know just what I should do to get started.  I’m ready for your help.  Leave me a comment or email me-I’m ready to have company on any and all of the adventures 2014 holds.