Day 30 of the Spending Freeze Challenge – The Path Ahead


Congratulations on making to Day 30 of your Spending Freeze Challenge. Whatever changes you implemented, I hope they were successful and meaningful for you and your family.

This spending freeze was far less of a challenge in our house. It is amazing how quickly stepping away from spending can become a habit, a natural part of a routine. As a yoga teacher, I’ve been practicing the┬áritual art of sadhana. Translated from Sanskrit, sadhana is “a means of accomplishing something,” especially through a spiritual practice explored over 30 days. Sadhana may include daily meditation, a particular series of yoga postures, or daily journaling or reading. Similar to the practice of Lenten sacrifices or “giving up,” sadhana requires a turning inward. You’ve probably done some of these things over the past 30 days, turned inward each time you were tempted to spend in a previously familiar way. I’d encourage you to embrace the idea of 30 days of change, no matter the subject. Maybe you’ll give up soda for 30 days, set aside TV for a month, or commit to walking at least a mile for 4 weeks straight. Whatever the journey, whatever the practice, you are sure to learn something about yourself along the way.

Thank you for reading this month. Stay tuned for my upcoming posts on yoga, marathon season and giving back through Team in Training.